I started this project as part of my diploma in design. However, I quickly noticed that this is something I wanted to do for a long time. Misanthropy is something that I can really relate to in some form or another every day. I grew up in a small catholic village in Bavaria and always struggled to understand my surroundings. I guess I am still struggeling as of this day. Everything changed back then when art and music where introduced to me in my teenage years. Especially the Black Metal movement had a big impact on me, enabling me to question everything and not give a damn about anyone anymore. Now that I have grown up, I am a musician and an artist myself, I also got into veganism since I don’t feel comfortable with all the exploiting and killing going on just for luxuries, but that’s another story.

The punch line goes something like this: The majority of mankind is a pile of shit, destroying everything that’s in the way of profit and their so-called society. I do not endorse this system of endlessly growing parasites in any way. However, I believe there are a lot of human beings out there not buying into all this crap. I am very blessed to call a lot of them my friends and this alone is worth living through this nightmare every day. I’d like to thank everyone involved in the making of ‘Misanthopia’, especially all the models who did an awesome job in creating that special atmosphere.

Last but not least: no matter if you consider yourself a misanthrope or not, please never stop questioning the people that try to control you, exploit you or to simply put you down. The human race is not worth spending your own lifetime in the chains of tyranny. In the end we all die alone.